Synced tree view with open files


I’d like to have an options to get open files (opened with cmd+P) automatically shown in the tree view, something like Eclipse’s “link with editor” button in the package explorer.


The closest we have is cmd-shift-\ which will show the currently opened file in the tree view.


Not sure what thread necro policy is, but this matches my desires exactly.

We’ve got a very large project at work, and sometimes I wind up dealing with a dozen-odd files in the editor at once. Keeping track of them with the tab bar is annoying, and the tree view is mostly useless (over 5 screens of files, if all my relevant directories are expanded).

The one killer feature I’ve been missing in all OSX-native editors I’ve used in the past decade or so is the BufferList plugin from jEdit - displays open buffers in a tree view, collapsing tree subsets with single children. I don’t even have specs open in this screenshot, but this is what it looks like:

With Cmd+T jumping quickly to files, I don’t really have a need for the full tree view most of the time, and replacing (or toggling) it with a buffer view would be so outstanding.

Package authors: would modifying the existing tree-view package be a good starting point for an atom/coffeescript newbie? I took a look and after getting rid of the create/delete/expand options and such it looks like it’d be reasonably small?

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There is an Issue tracking this enhancement request:


The proposed addon is tree-view-open-files. Just to avoid the casual visitor needs to read the full issue.