Sync configuration


Is it possible to sync my configuration / preferences across different computers?
Symlink? Dropbox? Something else?


Well if someone writes an EditorConfig package, you can save settings per-project and global.


This would be so awesome. One of my biggest draws to vim is the ability to keep all my config in a git repo


I assume it would be possible to add your ~/.atom directory to a git repo. I’m uncertain of the significance of the the userId properties in config.cson though, I’m assuming it’s ok to make those public?


A couple of things I’ve observed:

  1. config.cson gets “touched” every time you open Atom, whether or not of you’ve changed anything. I’m guessing something is touching that file to determine current-ness.
  2. The userId values look to be unique and are probably a nice deduplication method for error reporting/analytics, and can probably be safely copied to another computer, since the other part of the debug equation would be the app version.
  3. One of the dangers of running a sync between machines is what happens when you have config/packages that work with version 0.60 (example) running on one machine, then you start up 0.61 on another machine with the same config and packages, and hit incompatibilities? Does 0.61 auto-update the packages for you? What happens to the running 0.60 ? Does a popup come up asking you to restart for compatibility? Or some crazy idea like that?

Just some things to think about.


EditorConfig is very limited, it just let you specify some small things like tabs or spaces.

Using a git repo seems like too much work, will you be pushing and pulling all the time?

What would be awesome is to have a folder that could be put in dropbox that contains your configuration, e.g. fonts, packages you want, snippets etc. (Not the packages themselves). Then Atom will install the packages in each machine based on that definition.