Sync between 2+ desktops through Atom/github


At the beginning I quickly say that I struggle with synchronizing my Atom with github since few days now, and I did search for many problems, every time I’m stuck on something in order to have it working, I go a step forward, get stuck again and it goes on and on, that’s why I’m posting this on forum.

What I want to ask is, how to setup my Atom to work on my local files (as I already do) and at the end of work push them to github, and pull them back on a different device (and save localy).

At this moment I’m set up to I have two separate repositories in atom, First One works on local files, and seems to be connected to github (color in the tree is orange and all changes are appearing in staging windows) however there is ‘no remote’ appearing in git tab so I can’t push them to github.
The second one I have created by uploading all my files in folders of the project to brand new Github Repository, and then cloning it to atom, so all of the changes are being saved in github, but there is no sync between local ->github.

Is there any way I could set it up correctly? If so could you please try to describe to me step by step, I just started to be leaning Web Dev and I’m on my baby steps.