Switching to IO. seems to be big news :)


Atom now using Io.js - Hackernews.


Oh no, I made the mistake of actually reading HN comments :fearful:


I’ve been reading HN on and off for a number of years. HN trashes Node and Coffeescript all the time. So it was predictable they would trash Atom.


Is there anything special you could point out that this change would bring for the end-user? Or is it just an under-the-hood change?


More features like ES6.


Some people noticed better performance. I know that in some cases IO.js is faster. Would like to see some comparison.


Is this just experimental for now? It’s a bit surprising that a change like that is implemented so unofficially.
Has this been done on the atom-shell level as well?


No, it isn’t experimental. Although, Atom is still using Node v0.10.x to build Atom … so there are still some things that need to be migrated.


Well, time to read up on how different IO really is then…


And now Atom builds on Node v0.12.x and IO.js v1.x :laughing: