Switching to Atom from other editors



Trevor would like to start learning atom, as well as promote it to other people in his local organization.

In order to begin to do some community and product evangelism, Trevor would like to put together a guide on switching to atom from other editors.


Has someone already started on a guide to switching to atom from other editors?

  • If yes, can someone provide the link?
  • If no, would this be the kind of content that would be appropriate in the flight manual?

It looks like evangelism for atom (at this phase of the project) consists mostly of helping people learn how to hack on it …

(e.g., “Right now one of the best things you could do is to add a cookbook style tutorial into Chapter 3, showing how to create a specific type of plugin or documenting a valid use case for an otherwise uncovered Atom API.”)

Perhaps it is too early in the product life-cycle to start comparing atom to other editors in order to get people to switch to it?

Any feedback or suggestions on this idea greatly appreciated.

See also


Not to my knowledge.

Yes, I believe so.

I’m of the opinion that what differentiates Atom from other editors is its customizability and extensibility. The reason people like Atom is that they can hack on it, customize it, or add the dream capability they wish they had always had. Also, most people come here asking for help on how to hack Atom. If they asked for help with other stuff … we’d offer that too :laughing:

My personal stance on evangelism is that if you have a great product, you don’t need to put much effort into it. And if you have a bad product, spending a bunch of resources trying to get people to use it would probably be better spent fixing the product. But maybe that’s because I enjoy different things and I’m just retconning my choices in my own head :laughing:


LOL :smiley:

Well as long as you are happy with your choices, the only one who needs to justify them is you. :smile: