Switching tabs with ctrl+numbers?


EDIT:… It’s alt+numbers in atom… that’s why I couldn’t find it, I was thinking it would be ctrl + numbers

I would like to be able to switch tabs using ctrl + 0-9 from the top row of the keyboard, just like you can do in Chrome. I’ve looked, but all I could find was the keybinding to cycle tabs with ctrl+tab and shift+ctrl+tab.

Thank you for the help and sorry if this has been asked and answered before, my google-fu didn’t help me find the answer :smiley:


I wouldn’t delete it. You’re probably not the first or last person wondering about the same thing, so if anyone else ever searches for it on this forum, your question and answer will help them.

I have therefore cleaned up your title to just reflect the question, hope you don’t mind.


Just an fyi, on OS X it is CMD + number. This wasn’t a stupid question. It made me go and actually check what the correct command was.


Yes actually, your words make a lot of sense :smile:

Ofcourse I don’t mind cleaning up the post :grin: