Switching syntax?


thank you for this.


Best atom package ever! Atom should have it as default for people migrating from sublime


Not everybody who picks up Atom is migrating from Sublime.


Your point? I’m not migrating from Sublime.


The point is that set-syntax doesn’t need to be default because it’s not something that’s useful for everyone.


Nowhere did I mention that everybody were coming from Sublime Text… But that being said I think the most direct competitor to Atom is Sublime Text as it is most often the go-to editor for coders… http://stackoverflow.com/research/developer-survey-2015#tech-editor …So it is a good move to make the transition sublime > atom enjoyable…


Any package that isn’t universal or nearly universal shouldn’t be included in the core packages.


Thanks @kevinsawicki so much


ctrl-shift-L Works on Mac (use ctrl, not cmd). :trophy:


I can confirm that I first had to google this to find this.

It would be much better to include the word ‘syntax’ instead of ‘grammar’ in the command pallette.


https://atom.io/packages/alias-command would allow that


I have just registered, only to thank you ^^


and ^this^ is why I came here