Switching panes and/or Moving items between panes



I have few functionality questions for some things that I can’t seem to find in the command list

  1. Is there some way to switch pane positions? i.e. move the left pane where the right pane is?
  2. What about moving an item (aka tab) from pane to pane?

If either of these exist, what are their names? (for keybinding)

Thank you


I don’t think so.

Just drag and drop the tab.


Thanks for the reply, Mark.

Well, mouse movements are not a solution for me, as I’m trying to replace a workflow that was a combination of vim and tmux, and dragging tabs around all day just won’t do.

I consider both of these functionalities to be pretty important, so I may look into a way to make a package for it.


@t9md created a package that seems to do what you are searching for: paner.


Old thread, but it comes up first in my search results.

The paner package kept throwing an error for me, and it appears that there are some helpful standard commands now:

Switching pane focus:


Moving items from one pane to another:


Here’s my setup:

  'ctrl-alt-cmd-up':	'window:focus-pane-above'
  'ctrl-alt-cmd-down':	'window:focus-pane-below'
  'ctrl-alt-cmd-left':	'window:focus-pane-on-left'
  'ctrl-alt-cmd-right':	'window:focus-pane-on-right'
  'cmd-shift-k up':     'window:move-active-item-to-pane-above'
  'cmd-shift-k down':   'window:move-active-item-to-pane-below'
  'cmd-shift-k left':   'window:move-active-item-to-pane-on-left'
  'cmd-shift-k right':  'window:move-active-item-to-pane-on-right'
  'cmd-k right':        'pane:split-right-and-move-active-item'
  'cmd-k left':         'pane:split-left-and-move-active-item'
  'cmd-k up':           'pane:split-up-and-move-active-item'
  'cmd-k down':         'pane:split-down-and-move-active-item'