Switching between workspaces/windows macOS (tabbed)


So I am able to switch between windows using cmd + ``` if the windows are separated and on the same “desktop” view on macOS. But if they are either on different desktop spaces or in tabs, this key command does not work. Attached is a screenshot of the tabbed workspaces for anyone who is confused by how they work. Is there a way to switch between them? When I use the Key Binding Resolver that shortcut shows nothing, you can also see that in the screenshot.

Atom 1.21.1
macOS 10.12.6

39 AM|690x388

Thanks All!


So I am new to this discussion platform… The key command I tried to show is the cmd + “backtick”, but I can’t show that in the preformatted text because it uses that to define preformatted text.

Also, apparently my image didn’t show and I can’t figure out how to edit the post…