Switched over from Notepad++; would like to know how to fix some inconveniences

Hey as you may have read the title, I switched over from Notepadd++, I am not a programmer,coder,developer etc but I like atom. I have some issues I would like to discuss and fingers-crossed find a solution too.

1st: How do I get the same files to open up when I open atom automatically after completely closing it down; in notepadd++ it would always open with the files you had last opened.

2nd:How do I change the window size of atom; it always opens in a tiny window and doesn’t change no matter how I resize it or maximize it, it always opens as a tiny window after its shutdown

I am using Windows 10 as my OS


2nd Issue seems to have fixed itself after I installed set-window-resolution and restarted my PC

Usually you can find answers by the search function at top of this page. For example search “persistence” and you get this …

and one answer points to /.atom/storage/application.json which should hold all your session files.

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