Switch to test file


A great feature of some editors is a command to quickly switch to a companion file of the file you’re currently editing, for example a test or header file (and back again).

When editing Ruby it’s very convenient to be able to press a key combo to switch back and forth between the test, and I can imagine that in C or Obj-C it would be similarily helpful to be able to switch to the header file quickly.


I plan on adding this feature at some point to my Atom RSpec package.

If you want to contribute, it’s also on GitHub for forking: https://github.com/fcoury/atom-rspec.

Here’s a quick screencast of what it does so far:


Hi guys, just to let you know that I’ve published a package called ruby-test-switcher, which allows you to exactly do this (the same way as Sublime Text Ruby Tests plugin behaves). Hope you find it useful, happy hacking! :wink:


Test-jumper (https://atom.io/packages/test-jumper) is another, generic option.
It is not flexible enough (yet?) for projects with specific layout, but it seems useful, anyway.