SVN diff issue


Hi. I got the latest version of Atom recently, and it looks pretty good. Learning how to work is very easy if you come from Sublime; also it has several useful packages, and it allows me to work with a fairly large project without collapsing.

At the moment, I’m working with Subversion (SVN) for console, and I have a problem associated with the diff.
This is the normal result of a “svn diff” after a change in one line of code:

:heavy_minus_sign: display: none;
:heavy_plus_sign: display: block;

The problem is that within the same diff, atom “creates” several extra changes, where some lines are replaced by … the same line:

:heavy_minus_sign: .someClass {
:heavy_plus_sign: .someClass {

Would anyone help me with this, please?


I assume that Atom is trimming excess whitespace at the end of the lines that have “no changes”. You can disable this behavior in the Settings View (Cmd+, on OS X or Ctrl+, on Linux/Windows) under the “whitespace” package.


Thanks, you rule.