SVN: Any Subversion support being developed?


I know git is all the rage these days. However, Subversion remains in widespread use. Are there any efforts or plans to implement a package supporting SVN?



I would love support for SVN. As far as I have seen there is no SVN package or build-in support yet :frowning:


I agree, this is a must! Has anyone had any luck in finding?


I’ve switched SublimeText3 as my default code editor. Atom comes close, but my project is in SVN (which ST3 has good support). I’d agree this is a good package to enhance Atom.


There are a couple good git packages for Atom, which one could use as a starting point to create an SVN package maybe.


I’m working on atom-svn but I’m not making good progress :frowning: I’m struggling with basic stuff. It makes no sense to release it at this point.

If anyone wants to help:


Just gonna plus-one this. Of course svn has its limits, but something like the state-highlighting would definitely be awesome.


Also see this Issue:


I didn’t know about Atom until last week and this Topic is quite old, but I finally found no support/package for Subversion.
Is there any update on this?

When im searching for SVN Packages I just can find:

-> But I don’t want a binary wrapper for this “simple” task


-> Might works for windows but I want to use Atom on Ubuntu



What’s wrong with using a binary wrapper? If you don’t invoke the svn command then you have to reimplement it, which is quite the amount of work. Of course, there are libraries, but is there a library that can be used from node?


Hi kgrossjo,

thank you for your explanation, you are right. Built-In SVN is nice to have, thats just complaining on a high comfort level, I will use this package from now on.

Thank you