Suppressing alt showing menu?


Hi! Newbie question here, how can one suppress Alt resulting in the app’s menu bar to be shown? (We’ve set ‘auto-hide-menu-bar’: true in the BrowserWindow options.) Would one do this manually on page level by document.onkeydown catching alt or is there another way?



Is this regarding Electron? If so, it should be in the electron category.


Thanks, I edited & updated the category (the Discuss link is a navigation entry at the top of Electron – it seems the category doesn’t carry over when registering for the first time, though it does when already logged in).


I don’t have an electron installation I can test on right now, but I think something along the lines of the following snippet should do the trick:

document.addEventListener('keyup', event => {
  var {keyCode, ctrlKey, shiftKey} = event
  // the Alt key has keyCode 18
  if(keyCode != 18 || ctrlKey || shiftKey) return
  event.preventDefault() // AND/OR