Support sandbox bookmarks in MAS build


Hey guys - I’m wanting to start some work to add in support for MAS security-scoped bookmarks in electron (to solve I’m pretty sure I can do it myself - just have a couple questions before I start to work on a PR:

In order to get a security scoped bookmark, you need to use the PowerBox API (eg, using native dialog boxes, like the electron “dialog” module).

  • should I the support in as an option to the dialog.showOpenDialog?
  • should it be another method? eg: dialog.showOpenDialogWithBookmark?
  • or even a different import eg: require('electron').bookmarks.showOpenDialog?

Any thoughts would be good so I can begin to attempt this :slight_smile:

PS: at the moment, I’m almost certain I can implement app-scoped bookmarks using this method. Document-scoped bookmarks will probably be left for a later PR.

EDIT: I wasn’t initially sure if this was the correct site to ask this question: thanks for clarifying @DamnedScholar :+1:


This forum is also used for Electron discussions, so you’re fine.