Support OS X's native 'recent files' UI


This feature request really comes in two parts:

  1. The File menu should have an option for opening recent files. Bonus points for also adding an option to open recent directories / repos.

  2. OS X has a pretty slick UI for opening recent files if you’re using a trackpad. Swipe down with three fingers and you get something that looks like this:

    (Screenshot from Chocolat)

    I’m not sure how complicated this would be to implement, but it’d certainly make Atom feel more at home on OS X.


+1. Missing this on a daily basis.


+1 as well. I’ve opened Atom multiple times now, and muscle memory leads to disappointment.


Agreed, I usually have a few projects open at a time to reference, and having to manually find each one from the file picker every time is one of the big things keeping me from wanting to use this as my go to editor.

Having everything reopen on startup would be ideal, but being able to quickly reopen projects is a pretty crucial backup.


How about something like this?


Mmmmm, Chocolatom. Now that would an awesome editor…


That is awesome, I would still like to have a “recent files” prompt for one offs, but for opening projects that is exactly what I was hoping for.


A man can dream. Though in all seriousness there’s a lot of stuff from Chocolat I’d like to see make its way into Atom at some point.


Absolutely agree. “Recent files” menubar entry ist a must-have, supporting the native OS X mission control UI would be really cool as you get quite used to it as a mac user.


+1 - why is this still not built in?