Support Mac OS X title bar proxy icons


This is a standard OS X feature that’s missing. The title bar should display a small icon representing the file you are editing. This is called a proxy icon.

The proxy icon can be dragged from the title bar to move or copy the file.

More importantly, you can Cmd-click a proxy icon and see the folder that contains the file, and click on it to open that folder. This is a very useful way to get to the project folder in the Finder.

All of this functionality is “free”. The OS will provide it if you just put a proxy icon into the title bar.

Merge tabs and title bar?
Right-click document in menu bar feature?

Yup. +1. Do we +1 here? Oh well.


I asked that myself - just click the heart icon to “like” the post.


Yup, this is quite essential.


+1. I’m missing this on a daily basis.


+1 would love to see this


+1 something I use all the time


+1 for me too : this is extremely handy, I use it very often. So much that right now, I cannot make Atom my primary editor : I miss it too much :smiley:


Absolutely agree. One of the major issues with all the TextMate editors for me always was that the general look & feel just doesn’t feel quite right. This would be one step towards achieving this :slight_smile: