Support for Win10 Ink - i.e. use with stylus/pen


Hey there, I’ve been using atom for about a year now, and beside a few minor issues by far the best editor ever.

I’ve recently purchased a dotpen stylus for my lenovo yoga 900 and just now had the bright idea of trying it with the editor, and why not?

I’m not sure how ergonomic it is, but it feels kind-of intuitive to hold the pen in one hand while typing on the keyboard (although it ruins your ability to use at least one finger to type on that hand), and sometimes reaching out and moving the cursor to a different location with a single touch.

From what I gather it looks like it somewhat works, but for some reason it shoots out a “double tap menu” on the top left part of the app, and doesn’t really allow selecting or moving the cursor apart from placing it, so all in all very limited functionality and somewhat buggy.

I’m assuming that these issues are due to custom text rendering, if that’s the case - is there a chance to see a patch to support working with a stylus?