Support for signed commits in Atom 1.18 GitHub extension?


I really love the new GitHub integration with Atom 1.18, but one thing that I’m missing is better support for signed commits. I use a password-protected GPG key to sign my commits, and this makes committing with the GitHub extension very awkward. When I try to commit, the extension asks me for my key’s passphrase, which I have to keep entering every time I commit.

In my shell, I have an integration with the OS X keychain setup so that my key is unlocked automatically when I commit.

Is it possible to integrate the keychain (and other passphrase managers for other systems) with the GitHub extension?


I’m having a similar – but not quite the same – issue. I have a key that has a blank passphrase, but Atom keeps asking me to enter the passphrase. If I enter nothing, it fails. If I enter anything, it (obviously) fails because it’s not the correct passphrase.

It works correctly from term.