Support for R language?


I have started to use Atom for writing R code, as it is more convenient to send code to a remote computational cluster, but it seems like there is very little support for the R language. It would be awesome to add support for the R language that at least implemented the R style guide, and perhaps has the ability to knit .Rmd files. I do not know much about developing languages for Atom, but I would be happy to learn and help out if others are interested!


The core component of language support, language-r, is already set up but unmaintained. I don’t have any knowledge about R so I can’t say, but it might need to be updated, in which case you won’t be working from scratch. That should be your first step and @leedohm can help you with that.

To flesh out a language, you want to think about what functionality you want that isn’t accomplished by existing packages. If there’s a whole lot that you want, you might decide to group capabilities logically and make multiple packages so that users can pick and choose which features they like. For the style guide, for example, most of that would fall under a lint provider and it should be separate from language-specific utility packages.


Thanks! I am not very familiar with lint providers, so I will definitely check that out. The main style guide suggestion that would be awesome to have implemented is indentation in the following way:
instead of

f <- function(var1, 

have it auto indent to

f <- function(var1, 

i.e. the indentation aligns to the first delimiter. I’m not sure if this is would be an R specific implementation or not.


That’s something that you’d have to write.