Support for older versions of Mac OS X


I can not upgrade my main system to Lion or Mavericks and am stuck on 10.6.8 Snow Leopard. This is of course way too early, but are there plans to provide a copy of atom for older versions of OSX?


Old Mac Version
Support for osx 10.7

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I would appreciate this as well.

While I can upgrade to later versions of OS X, I chose not to, because they don’t support screen scaling very well anymore – OS X 10.9 is optimized for retina displays.


I use 10.7.5 and have no support either, I feel very sad about this, I see no reason for to not support 10.7.5, as there is no feature other than the notification center that is any different from any later version.


I would like to see it on 10.7.5 as well, but please do for older versions too.


+1 for Snow Leopard support.


Since Tiamo’s hack almost all older Mac’s can be upgraded to Mavericks. That is what I did with my 2006 MacPro and now I can use Atom


Hello, PLEASE make a build for Mac OS X 10.6.8.

Mavericks is NOT an option for anyone who uses their otherwise great computer for work and can’t afford to trash it. My MacBook Pro 17" from 2009 is awesome for coding and it is too important for work to potentially ruin with Mavericks or some upgrade.

  • A family member had huge problems after installing Mavericks on a macbook
  • Have never seen a Mac OS upgrade that didn’t cause problems
  • Cannot risk a huge upgrade just for Atom, at least not yet.

I would like to develop with Atom too and was psyched up at what sounded like a 21st century VIM/Emacs but it will not load on this OS.

What code won’t run on 10.6.8? I hope this will reopen the thread.

Thanks and good luck,



Seems like this thread has fallen on deaf ears, but I’ll echo comments made by @mattrdev

I intend to run 10.6.8 for quite a while yet and would love to have Atom on those machines.


Hi, unfortunately I’m stuck for now on 10.7 because Apple won’t release a 64bit driver for my graphics card. Everywhere I look people are dropping support although the machine works fine…

I’m delaying it as much as I can but I’ll have to try some hack to get into newer versions before all fall apart.

I’m sure the decision to drop support has technical reason. I’m just curious: What are those?


“Dropping support” would imply that there was support for pre-10.8 versions of OS X at some point in the past. To my understanding, there isn’t support built-in to Atom for any 32-bit OS. Maybe it works on Windows and some people may have gotten it to work on 32-bit versions of Linux, but “it works” does not imply “it is supported” in this case.


Yes, indeed. There was never support to start with, my bad.

The point is that the OS is perfectly capable of running 64bit applications. I’m replying to you on a 64bit version of latest Chrome. I’m poking with internals of the app to see if there is some hard requirement of newer APIs. It would be nice if someone on the dev team gave a quick shoot at what are those requirements. It seems quite some people stumble across this.

Anyways, one more reason to crack a saturday hacking this machine to run El Capitan.


That’s right. I forgot that bit.


+1 for Snow Leopard support.


We’re not going to be adding support for older versions of any operating system we currently support. Doing so would require investing massive resources in patching Chromium and Node to support a vanishing number of users. We simply don’t have the resources to invest in something like that.


i am also using mac osx 10.7.5 …do you know which version of atom i should download… and where to download

I found a working version for 10.8.5 here. Atom 1.17.1 is the latest version that runs on my system. There are earlier versions on there too, all the way back to 1.3.0. I’m not sure which operating systems support which version, but I just downloaded and tried them out to see what worked.