Support for mouse actions in "keymaps"?


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This post got me to thinking, Linux users seem to really like mapping things to various modifier key/mouse button combinations. Would it be useful to provide support for this kind of language in keymaps? Or is this a rare enough situation (there really aren’t that many combinations anyway) that it isn’t needed?

Acme-style mouse chords?

It would be definetely helpful to be able to change mouse bindings in settings. For example Mouse3 click performs ‘Paste’ action in some editors which is handy sometimes. This does not seem to be supported atm.

I believe that there aren’t many common combinations. Alt+Mouse2 for window move and Alt+Mouse3 for window resize are most common and will already work.


I have never used mouse gestures in editors, but I can see how some people may find it intuitive.
Personally, if I am using both my hands for typing, key bindings are the most efficient way of most actions, rather than having to arduously lift my hand and move it over to the mouse, I mean.

But whatever the preference, it is surely a good idea to make these options available to packages and personal keymaps.


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