Support Copy/Paste from Context Menu


Right clicking a selection to copy it, only to have it unselected, is very annoying.

Add copy/paste to editor context popup menu?

That is what CMD+C and CMD+V are for :wink:


Those work; but having copy/paste in the context menu is a de facto standard these days. If keyboard commands are expected to be utilized alone, why have any context menu options at all?


so is hacking the context menu an option in atom?


Yes … quite easy in fact. See the “Menus” section:


I’m really a Keyboard-shortcut-guy. But when i started using atom i realized that i use rightclick-copy A LOT.
And i really can’t think of a single tool where that funtionality is missing!


If anyone needs this feature I made a small plugin to implement it.


Thank you very much Shieldal


I still think this has to be in core!


merged 3 days ago: