Support back button navigation in settings


One thing i’d like to see is back button navigation support in the settings. When i’m browsing through packages, through package settings and installing some new stuff, i’d like to use the back button to go to the previous page, preferably with the same top position as i had before. Kind of like normal browser behavior.

And when browsing a package (installed or available) the top bar with "Packages / " should be visible when scrolling. It will enable the user to always know where they are at and what they are viewing.

What do you guys think? Yey or Nay?


I’ve recently been going through various package settings and agree about both points. It’s quite frustrating to go back and scroll all the way down to continue where I was previously.


I haven’t seen an open issue which identifies this specifically. #7266 requests an alternative to tab switching in the editor, which I think cmd+number solves perfectly. I’d really love to see some state management within settings view; a boon to browsing packages, which is frankly annoying without forward/back ability.



I’m constantly using the back button on my mouse in the settings view, which doesn’t work; very frustrating. This could be a great feature request or package.


This is the one and only complaint I have about Atom; I’d love to see this feature added.