[SUGGESTION] The ATOM mentorship program. Voting open


Hello Community.
May this note find you well.

When it comes to Atom / Electron – what is https://discuss.atom.io/ to you?

Is it a place to…?

  1. …get usage questions answered.

  2. …talk to developers about buggy behaviour.

  3. …learn and share experience.

Maybe it is a mix of all of the above but I would hope we are aiming to achieve option 3 more often. I have been here a month - this has been a learning experience!

I would like to believe a community is what you shape it to be. Within our community we have unimaginable talent and potential that can change the landscape of the coding interface. How about having this community engage in a type of mentorship program?

I am proposing we discuss a way to link up

  (a) knowledgeable people with project ideas, willing to be mentors.

  (b) willing ‘students’ that want to learn by doing.

The persons willing to stand in as mentors should have a clear idea on what is required to get the project done. The mentor is the project leader, but should have a passive / supportive role.

The student should be willing to teach himself / herself as they go. There will be a minimum skill level that will be required even before starting the project. It is open to the student to choose a mentor-with-project.

The purpose of this suggestion:

  1. Build and strengthen new talent.
  2. Expand the reach of talented senior coders.
  3. Keeping Atom active community driven.

This proposal was inspired by this conversation.

Best regards,


What is your opinion about the suggestion?
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  • Leave this community as it is.
  • This is a good idea - the implementation is a problem.
  • This is a good idea - this community can make it work

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If you are interested, how would you partake?
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  • Mentor
  • Student
  • Spectator

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@danPadric I think that would be an awesome idea! But the thing is, we need to get moderators on our side, or :dagger: :package:


Your support is unexpected. Thank you Steven.

Reluctance from people to share their experience is something I have observed on my worldly travels. Those willing to share get overwhelmed. A strain is placed on community driven projects.

Having mentors as guides would make the journey easier to expand the reach of Atom in a positive way. It is however a good to have, not a must. truely hungry students get somewhere too.

Anything that is done as a group effort has a better chance of reaching its goal. If the primary goal is to learn new things, then the bar is not unreachable. Having fun in the process… maybe the bar is set a little higher. if the goal is to create new talent to influence the core of Atom - that is tough.

A catalyst helps to get a chemical process react in conditions that is a little less than ideal. This thread and my persona here is such a catalyst. If there is no interest (“students” -> reactons) and discussion (fuel), there can be no reaction.

Perhaps identifying some project ideas may be a start?

Very careful in my optimism.
- Dan Padric

:thinking: {…and I talk too much!!}


I would love to lead a project! The thing is, I got to choose stuff that I know(:angry:) and unfortunately I know no npm or any kind of C! So I need to pick a project which has none of those.