Suggestion: short cut key rework


I subscribe to the idea that the features an IDE supports out of box will dictate the community / direction / focus / types of use. I think apart from Atom’s git integration it brings a simple feature many have missed from the leading editors until now: Vi like splitting as well as keyboard centric activity (such as switching between panes). However, the short cut keys Atom chose will always push these features into obscure use. Please highlight them instead by giving them more intuitive shortcuts.

  • shortcuts that require right hand dominance are less intuitive than left. CMD+K demands either awkward two hand use or retraining toward right hand use.
  • shortcuts that require a pause between sequence are less intuitive than 2,3 even 4 key simultaneous presses. Having to do CMD+K and then up/down/left/right is more difficult than even something as complex as cmd+alt+shift+left.

I’m only suggesting that a review be made of the short cut keys now before it is too late to change.