Suggestion for new category: code-review


I realize that exists, but I figured a code-review category here might garner more targeted and relevant feedback.

The idea is basically that package developers can use it to ask for code reviews on their packages, either in general or specific modules or snippets of code.
Dumb idea, or does it seem sensible?


I think GitHub has much better provision for line by line commenting on code reviews, doesn’t it?


Definitely, and a good point. A new category might be completely pointless if it was just used to initiate (and perhaps conclude) code reviews?


I think the general idea is good, but yeah … probably not the best for a whole category. People can ask for extra eyes on their packages under the “package” category, I think.

I’d be happy to jump in and add what benefit I can for small things. Fair warning though … I’m new to CoffeeScript and Node, so some of my feedback on those things might be a tad naïve.

Keep the suggestions coming though! I’m always looking for more ways that the forum can benefit the community!