Success Story with Electron :)


Hi everyone,

I’ve thought I’d share some of our learnings using Electron. As our product is free I am not creating shameless ads :wink:
Our Gravit Designer Tool ( is a complete design product like Sketch or Affinity Designer built on Html/JS. It recently was accepted on Mac AppStore and works very well with Electron.

Some things we’ve discovered since then:

  • Accessing fonts is quite hard (load and parse fonts available)
  • Creating installers including all Shortcuts and File Extensions for Windows is a pain in the ass
  • Updating the menu is currently not doable, i.e. we’re missing a simple open menu event to update our menus
  • Shortcuts are easier to handle using a custom library not electron (i.e. Mousetrap)
  • Integration was quite easy especially with native load & save
  • Saving / Loading binary data with NodeJS and communicating with the web-app is a bit tricky

If interested we might publish an extended article on our learnings.

Anyway we’re happy as Electron is serving our app on Mac App Store, Windows and Linux now quite nicely thanks!!



I’d be interested in reading an article that discusses what you’ve learned :slight_smile:


Its not installing in Windows i got error… while installation.


Hmm are you on 32-bit windows @dinesh?


Yes… i too know the solution… why it cause… tell me is safe for our coding build in electron … i am having big doubt on it. @reiberdatschi23


@dinesh What’s the cause? I know we’re building only for 64-bit windows not sure how to build with 32-bit windows electron


I’m just did some samples for both 64 and 32 bit so only i said like that… I dont know about in depth on win32 and win64 @reiberdatschi23


WOW! The app looks amazing. And so does the website…


Very well crafted application. Please publish your learning in an article. I have couple of questions/requests on the same:

  1. Steps to publish in the MAS and Windows Store
  2. A hello world in electron is around 127 MB, but your app in App Store is around 50 MB? How you reduce the size of your final app.
  3. Are you using electron-forge or electron-builder to build and distribute your app
  4. Automating the builds on changes?
    and your discoveries mentioned :slight_smile:


@reiberdatschi23 Could you please share the link? Could you also mention for context menu, which library you have used.