SublimeWebInspector for


is anyone working on a built in inspector for nodejs or anything along the lines of SublimeWebInspector?

Any way to insert JS breakpoints in the editor?

Do you mean like the Developer Tools view that opens with ⌘⌥I?


I think he meant this project:


Correct, I was talking about SublimeWebInspector that is integrated to the editor to be able to work with your project, not just the web inspector/console to view itself.


hey @leedohm! on this topic… do you happen to know how do you go about setting --remote-debugging-port=x for the chrome developer tools and if is there something to set breakpoints from the atom gutter or if i have to roll my own… :metal:


I like the idea to integrate dev tools more directly into the editor, i.e. the ability to set breakpoints by clicking the line number in the gutter, evaluating expressions via (right-)click on a variable etc etc… that would be pretty awesome.


It has been stated that Atom will not attempt to be an IDE.


Sadly, no, I haven’t looked into setting Chromium flags for Atom. @zcbenz would be the expert on that. There may be other members of Discuss too that have tried similar things, but I can’t recall any right now.

I don’t know of anything that sets breakpoints from the Atom gutter, either. Sorry :cry:


Yes, at its core. And I think that’s right.
But that’s no reason a package couldn’t provide that kind of enhancement to those looking for it. You know, eating your :cake: too.


this works now… atom --remote-debugging-port=9222

see… thank you…