Sublime's MarkdownEditing features in Atom

I recently have been attempting to switch from Sublime Text to Atom. I typically have a two pane setup with code on the left and markdown on the right. For markdown I use a really nice package called MarkdownEditing.

There are a few features that I haven’t been able to replicate in Atom and I’m wondering if it’s even possible.

  1. Markdown text is centered in the pane (the entire editing area is centered not the lines of text)
  2. Markdown tabs have a different syntax theme
    • It doesn’t use the same theme as my code (the code is monokai with a dark background and markdown has a light background)
  3. Line numbers are hidden
  4. Rulers are hidden
  5. Invisibles are hidden (space and tab characters)
  6. Different line length and soft-wrap setting than my code

So, I guess the main feature here is different settings for .md files. Is it possible to have syntax specific settings like this in Atom?

  • Items #1 and #3 are covered by packages like typewriter.
  • Item #2 is possible out of the box (with the possible exception of the background color), though you can’t select a separate syntax theme by grammar … you’ll have to patch your theme using the styles.less
  • Items #4-6 are possible out of the box by using language-specific settings

yes: take a look at: using-atom-for-academic-writing for a great list of packages to consider when writing Markdown or LaTeX in Atom.
For text centering use zen or/and typewriter packages.