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Just to make a slight tangent off of @lukesutton’s original posting, I absolutely love the functionality offered by SublimeGit. Has anyone thought about trying to port this package to Atom yet? I’d love to hear of a package repo I could keep an eye on and/or contribute to, but I don’t think my skills are up to writing one myself.

I particularly make a lot of use of in-editor git status, file staging, and committing, all accessed via Sublime’s command palette, which should make it pretty feasible as an Atom package as well.

I know that we already get a lot of gutter / treeview color coding for files’ git status with Atom’s built-in functionality, but I found it way faster to do adds, commits and pushes right from editor rather than switch to a shell,, etc.


My intention is to have my package have roughly the same features as SublimeGit — although this is coincidental. So, status, commit, push, pull, merge etc. All within Atom.

The difference is that Atom gives you a lot more tools for building a UI. So where SublimeGit leans heavily on a textual interface and the command palette, I hope my package will have a richer interface.

I either use VIM or VIM-mode so I will be thinking carefully about keyboard control. I don’t want a UI that requires you to use a mouse.

So WRT the functionality SublimeGit provides, the main stumbling block is Atom’s bindings to libgit2. At the moment they are the minimum required for the existing plugins. I’m working on expanding Atom’s git-util package — commit, push, pull, merge etc. — but it’s slow going. I don’t know C++ very well :slight_smile:

This is a screen grab of the package as it is now:

If you are interested, the repository for the package is on Github.

TL;DR I plan on making my package do the same as SublimeGit, but more nicely.


@lukesutton Very cool, thanks for the additional information/context.

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