"Sublime Text" -like 'Projects'


After using Sublime Text for sometime, one thing I would love to know is:
Are ‘Projects’ going to be added into Atom.

That aspect alone prompted my move from Notepad++ to Sublime Text. The ability to define which files are actually needed in a project, not just the folder that contains them, was a big plus for me.

I understand that it isn’t even at version 1 yet, so I’m not saying Atom fails a concept, far from it.
I figured since Atom is already looking like a clone of Sublime, at least visually, ‘Projects’ are on the horizon. Confirmation one way or the other would be good.


The git philosophy is that if a folder contains a .git folder then that folder is a git repo. If you use the .gitignore file then some files are left out. Atom matches this exactly. You can control what is in the project by what is in .gitignore. I doubt they will change this.

I personally love this because I always use git and this means I only have to mange git and not also manage a project file. They used to be a PITA to me.

I also wonder: why would anyone want their project files to not match their git repo?


If you look at the pinned topic describing the Atom Roadmap:

You’ll see that there is a tracking issue for the things that, at this point in time, they intend to include in v1.0:

One of the things on that list is:

What other information were you looking for?

Disclaimer: I am not an employee of GitHub nor a member of the Atom team.

How to work with projects
Question about planned multiple folder support

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How to work with projects

Wow! Oops.

I didn’t see those anywhere. I better hone my search skills before posting.

Thank you.

Thank you also @mark_hahn, I will look at that a bit more closely.


You’re welcome. I’m glad I could point you in the right direction :grinning:

I also have to agree with @mark_hahn, that maintaining the project structure in one place is a much better strategy than trying to have the Git repository, a project description file, a build file and who knows what else all containing some of the same information in different representations :wink: But if we want to discuss that, we should probably open a new topic for it :smile:

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