Sublime-tabs needs YOU! :uncle_sam_point:


Hi everyone,

I’m Daniel; the author of the sublime tabs package, and I need help… :disappointed:

On June 1st, the deprecated API will be disbanded and the sublime-tabs package will no longer work.

For those of you who use sublime-tabs and find it helpful to your workflow, I am formally asking for your assistance to help get sublime-tabs either into atom core, or help migrate sublime-tabs away from the deprecated API so it can continue to be used in version 1 of Atom.

According to @benogle 's metrics, sublime tabs is the #3 most affected package, so 3k people could be affected if this does not get migrated.

I, as well as other contributors that use sublime-tabs have taken stabs at fixing these deprecations, but all tries had been to no avail.

If you are interested in helping me get this package ready for v1 of atom, please see this issue to see which deprecations are present.

Thanks so much for reading!



An infinite thank you to @carlosingles; this package has been implemented into core!