Sublime-style tabs


Hey guys, the package already has around 200 downloads, but I’m just going to put this thread here in case people are unaware of it…

There is a package out that lets Atom mimics the ability of Sublime in terms of it’s tabs.


  • When you click a file, it will open the tab temporarily unless edited.
  • When you click another file with a temporary tab open, it will close the temporary tab resulting in a nice clean workspace.
  • When double clicking a file from the tree-view, it will open the file not temporarily just like sublime.

Check it out here


apm install sublime-tabs

– or –

Search for sublime-tabs within the Package search within Atom.

To use

This package is actually a replacement for the Tabs and Tree View packages that were made by the Atom team. In order for Sublime Tabs to work, you will need to disable the Tree View and the Tabs package before it will work nicely.

In case Sublime-Tabs doesn’t work…

Please file an issue here so I am aware… every workspace is different and I am not sure if it will work across the board. In the interim that it might be broken, until i can get a fix out for the issue, you are still able to go back to the Tabs and Tree View packages by just enabling them again.