Sublime REPL package alternative


Hi Everyone,

I’m just starting with I am doing some comparsion with my current main text editor(ST3).
What I cannot find in atom is something like Sublime REPL . I want interact with interpreter directly from atom. Is such package available or its plan for it or something similar?
My operating system is Windows 7



I also was looking for a good REPL for Atom today and was not able to find one.

So I started to work on one:

Can you expand on what kind of features you are looking for (i.e. what you like from Sublime REPL

There are a couple packages that already provide some kind of RELP

Have yo tried them?



In my case, I just need basic functionality, where I can configure path to intepreter(I will use python, clisp, and erlang), open it in separate panel (in sublime by default its bottom panel). So then I can interact with python,clisp or erlang like I 'm doing it from cmd.exe.



I could swear I’d seen this topic before. I can’t find it here or on the Issues on atom/atom. Maybe @batjko or @thomasjo remember.


Well, I’ve used the script package in the past. I have no idea if it still works, but it seems quite powerful in that it runs either selected lines or entire files from whichever panel you have active, and it supports a whole bunch of languages.

Note that it runs the commands via atom grammars (must have the needed one installed), so not exactly an interactive shell or a REPL really, but if your requirement isn’t too complicated, this might just do the trick.