Stylus in addition to LESS


Some pluses are already appeared in SASS instead of LESS topic for Stylus.

I totally agree since we would gain coffee like css with it but still every change is optional and also it does not have the ruby dependency.
To go further I don’t understand why devs didn’t chose it at first.


Honestly, I think @nathansobo’s post answered this too:


Ideally, I’d like you to be able to write stylesheets in whatever language you want.

Rather than proliferating the “instead of” meme. How about you state what benefits Stylus would provide if it were implemented as an option in addition to LESS?


Ok, thanks for making me read that thread again and sorry if my poor composition seemed to be offensive, I regret the copy-paste of the linked thread topic. Will change it right now. I was just curious and thought Stylus deserves its own topic.

For me the coffee like syntax in itself makes Stylus a logical choice and others also compared the three main options. For example (Luke) written about it more than a year ago and of course since that time LESS implemented most of his list of 10, but there are still open ones.

To sum it all, I hope Stylus will be one time an option in addition to LESS.


Thanks for clarifying! I can understand why you would want to keep your syntaxes consistent, though I kind of like the syntaxes just different enough to help remind me which language I’m using at the moment.

To be honest, all of the CSS macro languages seem pretty darned similar to me … though I have to confess only having used SASS and LESS to any real extent.