Styling the status bar

So I started trying to stylize Atom with some basic CSS knowledge but I’m having a lot of trouble finding elements. I’ve tried finding a syntax guide on how to style all of Atom’s elements but I can’t find anything. The problem I’m currently having is with the status bar. I changed the color element

  background-color: #59d3ff;
  color: black;
but when I do that only some icons change color while the rest of the stuff doesn't change. I tried using inspect element and mousing over the elements to find what I'm supposed to change but I can't figure it out. I linked an image to what the status bar looks like with the CSS above. I'm basically looking for what classes I'm supposed to use to change the right elements.
![Atom Forums|236x83](upload://gUma0YDiUkhL6RoZ0ZtdxMl0XAa.png)

You might’ve solved this by now… but I used ‘status-bar’ ‘background color’ in styles.less to change the color of mine.