Styling for plain text files


I am working with Atom 1.5.4 and using outlander-syntax theme.
In files with txt extension urls are pink and any capitalized NOTE is red. That’s really useful.
What however if I were interested for instance in styling files with no extension that can be used as plain text and are recognised as such by Atom? They have no styling, they do not inherit from their txt counterparts and instead I would rather they do. I wonder if styling for those files can be customised. I prefer not to set a txt extension for files that I use for taking notes.


Atom’s grammar system has the ability to recognize files based on their first line of content. For instance, create this file as test and open it:

#!/usr/bin/env ruby

puts "foo"

It will be recognized as a Ruby file.


So why my two files test and test.txt are treated differently even though they both are plain text files and have the same content?
Atom styles test.txt but does not style test.
More precisely, I noticed that Atom has difficulty in styling test. For instance, sometimes some of the urls suddenly turn pink from white but most of the times they stay white like the other urls. I myself can make a url turn pink by making some change like removing the ‘s’ from https and restoring it, or removing the ‘/’ at the end of the url. This as far as I can guess is a weird behaviour.
On the other hand the styling of test.txt stays stable.
I am on a Ubuntu 14.04 LTS machine.