Stylesheet update does not work


I have read a lot of old posts to try to figure this out - a bunch of stuff about Shadow etc. I am a computer user, not programmer, so I can follow directions but am not totally familiar with some of the language specific to some of the discussions on this forum.

However, I recently downloaded Atom to a Latitude E5430 running Windows 7 and when I make the following change to the stylesheet it does not actually work.

// style invisible characters turquoise
atom-text-editor .invisible-character { color: turquoise}

Of interest, is that I am also running a Mac with OS High Sierra and the same change to the stylesheet works perfectly.

Suggestions on how to get this working on the PC laptop I have would be great. Thanks.

Perhaps it is just that Windows 7 is the problem?



Hello Linda. Welcome.

It is strange what you are saying.
On Windows 7 running Atom V1.22.0 the result is:

Though I prefer to have the colour “blend” into the background - so rather set the alpha / opaque factor ->
(Shown below with Atom V1.23 Beta0)

Atom can sometimes be stubborn, and require a restart. It should not be the case here. but try Ctrl+Shift+F5 to do a restart.



Thanks for the reply. I shut down Atom and restarted my computer. It seems to be working as intended now.