Stylesheet Synchronisation


For a couple of weeks I’ve been working in Atom on two separate machines, one for my part-time day job, and one for the rest of my work. As far as I can tell there’s no functionality currently for syncing configuration or stylesheets across different machines. I know some people get around this by using Dropbox or Google Drive and symlinking the .atom folder, but you have the same drawbacks as you would using them as a code repo.

I can live with my configurations being out of sync, as things like my preferred font size actually change between them, but something as simple as a stylesheet sync would be a nice touch.

My question is: does anyone know of a package that does this, or is developing one? If not, I’m thinking about dedicating some time to making a very simple package that connects to an App Engine instance and store it there.

If there’s enough interest, I’ll publish it and implement some sort of per-user sync. Does that interest anyone here?


There are multiple topics on synchronization of configuration items:

So it would seem that there is at least some interest, though I would suspect that most people would want the whole configuration synced, not just the user stylesheet.


Yeah I’ve been following those threads with interest, thought I’d post a new topic to discuss the specific (potential) package. On second thought maybe it would have been better posted in one of those threads.


If you’re discussing your desire to implement a specific package rather than just blue sky feature design, I think having a separate topic for that is the right thing.