Styles don't load on start


I created a tiny package for web-file outline ( The issue I have is, that when restarting atom, my view apears where it was when left atom but without any styles from the style browser loaded. I always have to toggle off and on to ‘load’ the styles.

Any Idears what may cause these problems and how to solve them?


Since this is a visual issue, some screenshots might help us picture what’s happening on your end.


Sure. Thats how it looks on start:


An thats how it is supposed to look and how it does after I toggle off and on again:

(sry only one image per post allowed for me)


Okay. I want you to open that project in developer mode (View -> Developer -> Open in Dev Mode) and right-click on the black bullet. Select Inspect from the context menu and the dev tools will open up to the internal representation of the bullet point. You’ll be able to see all of the styles applied to that element by various sources and should look through them to see if your styles haven’t been loaded at all, or if they’re being overridden by something else (in which case they’ll be there, but crossed out).


I followed your instructions. Seems that the styles at not loaded at all.
I selected one of the li tags and made two screenshots. The right one is taken after doing the toggle off / on thing and as you see the styles somehow appeard.


Alright, I know what’s up. In the default generated package, there’s a key in package.json that controls activation of the package. If that key is set, the files associated with the package aren’t supposed to be loaded until the command it’s listening for occurs. All you have to do is delete this section.


Thx so much, you’re awesome!!!
That totally fixed my issue.
It would have taken years for me to get that by myself.

Best regards