Stuff! Where is it!


I’m looking for the following features. I’m sure there’s a way to do this or a package but I don’t know how/where

  • how do you get it to do just plain text autocompletion. e.g., if i’m in arbitrary file X, and I type potato, the next time I type po… it should autocomplete. It seems to be tied to syntax.
  • how do you run a command from the OS on the current buffer (e.g., grep) to a quickfix window



I can’t answer your questions directly right now, but I can suggest that you learn how to search packages at It is daunting but worth it.


To get a terminal widow under the editor pane, you might install


The window may be toggled on and off so that it does not get in the way. I have tried this package and it works very well for my purposes.


I am new to atom: so take what I say cum granis salis.

A core package called autocomplete-plus is already bundled with atom. There are also language-specific autocomplete packages that are either pre-installed or that may be optionally installed. You can search for them from within atom under the Settings view.