Stuck 'Rebuilding paths cache...'

Hi there,

The main project that I’ve been working on gets stuck ‘Rebuilding paths cache…’. A popup asks me from time to time to Force close/Keep waiting. I keep waiting, and in fact, I let it do it’s thing overnight but this morning it was still rebuilding.

Other projects are opening fine in atom. This current broken project is opening up fine in VSCode but I’m an atom user. Anyway to fix this? I’m not terribly desperate because the local folder is only a couple of commits ahead of origin. However, I would like to get to the bottom of this if possible.


PS I’m on Manjaro.

Searching around found this issue … try disabling autocomplete-paths as suggested. I have package-list installed which makes package enabling/disabling easier.

I disabled that package but everything is the same except I don’t see the message in the status bar that says Rebuilding… The little dot next to the message (status indicator I think) is still yellow and pulsating (it’s normally just green). I also still get the Force close/keep waiting message :confused:

Could you add the repository that this happens along with your operating system information to the issue?

Rebuilding paths cache… never finishes on large projects · Issue #204 · atom-community/autocomplete-paths (

It’s a private repo unfortunately (just plain old js/html/css) but I added pertinent details to that thread.

The project isn’t large, it’s only ~92MB.