Stuck on the html editor!


Look good! I run atom by command line, it worked. Can you tell me the reason ? Why does the Atom get this problem ? Oops! I forgot, thank you for your help.


Typically, if a problem shows up when not running Safe Mode but goes away when running in Safe Mode, then the problem is caused by a community package you have installed. In this case, it is probably a theme you have installed.

In general the “stuck on HTML editor” problem is caused when something goes wrong loading a theme or your styles.less. Since the problem for you doesn’t reoccur in Safe Mode then it isn’t caused by your styles.less but by a theme you have installed.


I had the same problem,
I think it is an error in a theme,
to correct it you have to delete all files from atom(appdata, user/atom/ and from the directory of atom),then you reinstall and probabily will work