Strange window executing the installer of an Electron app


I’ve created an installer for Windows 10 using:

“electron”: “2.0.9”,
“electron-packager”: “^12.1.1”,
“electron-winstaller”: “^2.6.4”,

So I have a setup.exe program that, when executed, shows this window:

That seems the typical progress window of the installation of a program.
But why it seems corrupted?
The installation process works and the program at the end is installed and works well, but I can’t distribute an installer that works in this way.
Have you ever had this strange behaviour?
Which could be the problem?

Thank you very much



It’s not corrupted. It’s a placeholder graphic that you should be able to replace with your own content.


Thank you, I’ll google to find how to customize this placeholder.
It seems that something flows through this window.