Strange processes at boot time

Hi everyone,

I use i3wm as WM and startx from a tty to start my Xorg instance, the point is … I’ve noticed when i3wm is started I’m having three process related with atom:

/bin/bash /usr/bin/atom --version
/usr/share/atom/atom --executed-from=/home/wyre --pid=1214 --version
/usr/share/atom/atom --type=zygote --no-sandbox

I would like to know what are due these processes and whether could I disable them because I suspect they are slowing down my WM startup.

Thank you all.

WM … is that short for Waste Management? or perhaps Working Machine?

We have no way to know what your windows manager is doing. Highly possible, the process identity (1214) would be related to your OS. Atom did not configure this command line. Have you asked the community that stands behind i3wm about it?

Thank you for your answer, I think this might be relative to kite which is particularly invasive with the system. It creates systemd services and timers in the user layer and desktop files for the xdg autostart. It is even installing itself for other editors present in your system.

In my opinion those are very bad features.

There is always some price to pay for luxuries.
My thoughts are as yours on disliking aggressive app behaviours.

There is an email address given on page you linked to that is meant for feedback.
Consider structuring your opinions and experiences in a constructive way and emailing those.

I’ve made a comment in an issue, let’s see if they take it in count.