Strange notification css


has anyone ever get this kind of problem?


You can open a window in dev mode View -> Developer -> Open in Dev Mode... and right-click on the element in question to get the option to Inspect Element. That will open the dev tools window, which will tell you about what style rules apply to the element.


it is caused by .icon class in atom-notification
check this out

the icon height 100% caused the strange notification.
when I disabled it, notification back to normal
how do I fix this?


I don’t know yet. That’s where these questions are going.

  1. Does this happen with success (green) and failure (red) notifications as well?
  2. Do you remember it happening after installing a specific package?
  3. Does it happen when you open Atom from the command line with atom --safe?

  • it happens for all notifications.
  • I don’t remember
  • I cannot try it, dunno how to show the notification

I end up customize the css from themes options and it works well.


I cannot try it, dunno how to show the notification

If you run the following script in the developer tools console you can show a notification.

You can also try addSuccess, addError.


in safe mode the glitch doesn’t happen