Strange lines in the right and bottom edges of Atom window


Hello, I see in my Atom light-colored thin lines at the very right and bottom edges of the editor in the fullscreen mode. I cannot find out how to remove them and where they are from (they seem to exist on clean install too). And they are quite annoying because I use a dark theme.

I use UbuntuStudio 16.04 with xfce4.

Update: this is a chromium issue and it is not fixed yet. If you have the same issue you can play with your DPI setting or you should wait/help with fixing the bug.

I attach a screenshot:


Do the lines appear when you open Atom with atom --safe?


Yes, they do appear in safe mode too.


When you tried the clean install, did you make sure that the ~/.atom folder was deleted?


Yes I did. I also just found out that Google Chrome has exactly the same problem in fullscreen mode.


That’s a weird issue.


I found now this bug on a chromium bugtracker:
So they have bug related to DPI calculations. So any value not equal to 96 can cause bottom/right/both lines due to non-integer division of window width/hight (even not in fullscreen, any window size) by DPI scaling ratio. This issue appears to be long-standing and still unfixed. So the only way so for is to play with DPI value or just wait until it will be fixed.