Strange highlighting problem with Markdown


Since Atom 1.9 there are strange highlighting problems in Markdown files:

‘architectures that’ should not be highlighted. The issue persists in atom --safe. When I edit the paragraph in any way, the highlighting will be readjusted correctly, so in this case ‘architectures that’ is not highlighted anymore. Sometimes words are also italic randomly. I’m currently using Atom 1.9.8.


Mind sharing your whole file? I want to see if I can replicate that using identical text.


Hm if it’s really needed I can check tomorrow for a document to share. Currently most of my writing is for scientific papers and work-in-progress, I would rather not share that to be honest. Hope you understand :slight_smile:


Then you’ll have to wait for someone else who is experiencing the same issue to attempt to replicate it.


What platform are you running Atom on?


Mac OS X El Capitan 10.11.6


I can’t replicate the issue using the given text using Atom v1.9.8 on Mac OS X 10.11.6:

I also note that the @-mention at the end of your text isn’t highlighted. What does it say for the grammar in the lower-right corner of your Atom window?


Language is ‘Github Markdown’, using the official language-gfm package. I forgot to mention that the @-mention also gets correctly highlighted once I edit the paragraph. Didn’t have time yet to look for a document I can share in full, but I do have this issue most of the documents I work with and I couldn’t nail down what might be causing it. If that helps, the citations are coming from Pandoc Markdown.


What machine are you running all this on?


Macbook Pro (13-inch, early 2015)


Very strange. If you get a repro of any of these in a file that you can share, please let us know.