Strange behavior while having multiple panels


I have been experiencing this weird behaviour for quite some time now. What happens is when I have multiple files open side-by-side, and I want to swtich to say, from left to right panel, I can only do it as long as I keep the mouse button pressed. As soon as I release the button, the editor takes me back to the left panel. The same happens if there is a search panel open at the bottom or even a terminal panel.

I have captured the behavior in the gif attached


Hmm, everything seems fine in my case… However, I prefer to use keyboard shortcuts for switching between panes: Ctrl + K + P / Ctrl + K + N (previous/next — respectively). PS. Since I’ve swapped Ctrl and Caps Lock it’s pretty convenient :sunglasses:


The concern is I don’t observe the behaviour at all times. It just randomly occurs. Your suggested shortcuts appears to be working with the occasional discomfort of a new tab :slight_smile: for which I’ll go by your second suggestion too.


By the way, shouldn’t there be a better keyboard shortcut by default?